Business & Tort Law

Attorney Hassan A. Abbas has been practicing law for 25 years,  during which time he has concentrated on business law and tort law and has a depth of experience with the relevant issues. If you have been injured in your person or business or if you have a legal problem or dispute, Attorney Abbas has the requisite experience to deal with the issues and find a solution while protecting your rights.

During the time he has been practicing, he has worked hard to find the best results in each case. Attorney Hassan A. Abbas is tenacious and brings all of his experience and skills to each new situation, treating every client with equal importance.

Helping Businesses at Every Stage

Attorney Hassan A. Abbas can help you with your business from start to finish and even in circumstances of bankruptcy. He can help you get started, and guide you through the process of setting up your business. Businesses may need permits or licenses, and most new business owners probably need tax advice. Attorney Hassan A. Abbas can advise you and help you with forms and initial contracts.

Whether you have employees or not, or whether you provide goods or services, Attorney Hassan A. Abbas will help you comply with the laws and help you meet the required standards. As your business grows, he will advise you on how to maximize your returns and take advantage of other opportunities. If you retire or sell, he can facilitate the process.

What Constitutes a Tort?

A tort is a civil wrong that is inflicted on one person by another person, business, or entity that causes harm and injury (but is usually not a “crime”).  When you have been harmed, the Law Offices of Hassan A. Abbas can you help you obtain damages and compensation for your injury. The Law Offices of Hassan A. Abbas can help you in all tort matters, including but not limited to, insurance claims or legal proceedings to a jury trial. Tort cases normally arise out of some person’s negligence, such as car accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall, and situations in which one person carelessly or accidentally injures another person. Tort cases also include intentional torts which are injuries that arise from a person’s intentional conduct.  Sometimes an intentional act can lead to both a civil lawsuit and a criminal prosecution, such as assault and battery.

The Law Offices of Hassan A. Abbas have the expertise in tort cases and can handle all types of tort matters including negligence, personal injury, medical malpractice, defective product, etc. Attorney Hassan A. Abbas can help you with his experience and knowledge of tort law and will handle the legal challenges in an efficient and effective manner to secure your rights.

Problems Big and Small

Businesses run into problems on a regular basis, even if the owners are doing everything right. There are bound to be people who are unsatisfied or circumstances beyond the control of the owners which could end in a lack of satisfaction on the part of a customer.

Attorney Hassan A. Abbas will help you to resolve these problems as they arise. He can act as a mediator between you and other business entities and defend you from potential lawsuits.

Experienced and Competent

If you are starting a business, or if you are involved with a business already, Attorney Hassan A. Abbas can help you with all your business law needs. His breadth of experience along with his passion and commitment to helping his clients make him the right person to have on your side.

If you need help with a business law or tort law problem or question, call the Law Offices of Hassan A. Abbas today for a free consultation.