International Law

Attorney Hassan Abbas is truly an international attorney, speaking English, Arabic, Italian and French and having offices in the United States, Lebanon and Belgium. If you need experienced legal counsel to help you find your way through the complicated system of international laws, he is someone who has been licensed to practice law for twenty-five years.

During this twenty-five years, he has pursued justice for his clients, focusing on international law and the kinds of law most associated with it.

What is International Law?

The world has become much smaller because it is so easy to travel and communicate with people around the world. With this ease, there are naturally conflicts as different local laws come into conflict.

Every country, and often areas within countries, have laws regulating how business is transacted. Countries regulate and license businesses within their own geographical locations, and countries have different standards of acceptable goods and services.

International law is the collection of rules that have come about by custom or which have been enacted by treaty which regulate the relationships between countries. International laws help monitor and control business transactions, and they also specify which jurisdiction will hear the case if there is a disagreement.

Who needs an International Lawyer?

When a person in one country makes a deal with a person in another country, even for something as simple as buying a product through the mail, the parties involved have an expectation that they will be protected the same way they are in their own countries.

An International Attorney like Hassan A. Abbas can help with these kinds of international deals. He knows the laws of individual countries, and he knows and understands the agreements countries have made in order to facilitate international commerce.

If you need help with an International Matter

International matters are complicated, and resolving matters of international law can take time. You need someone who knows a wide variety of information but who pays attention to detail.

Attorney Hassan A. Abbas is highly skilled and experienced,  and is comfortable dealing with people from around the world. If you need help with a question regarding international law, call the Law Offices of Hassan A. Abbas today.