Family Law

Attorney Hassan A. Abbas is diligent and available as a divorce lawyer, with particular experience of the legal issues you need help with, including but not limited to, divorce and separation, mediation, court representation, preparing financial agreements  and settlements, working out the child custody and support arrangements.  Telephone and email is a cost effective and time efficient way for you to communicate with the Law Offices of Hassan A. Abbas, and the Attorney Abbas is ready to advise you on the issues and the process and is ready to discuss with you all aspects of your case.  Attorney Abbas provides his mobile number for the clients to have easy access to the attorney.

You need experienced counsel to take care of the legal aspects of a divorce at the time of a relationship breakdown. The Law Offices of Hassan A. Abbas will provide all the advice and support you need in a friendly and knowledgeable manner whether to reach an agreement with your partner or petition to the courts for a judgment where negotiation and agreement is not possible.