Welcome to the Law Offices Hassan A. Abbas, where the attorney provides local and international litigation services from a Chicago-based law firm. If you have a litigation need in the U.S. or abroad, learn how litigation attorney Hassan A. Abbas can help. Mr. Abbas provides complete litigation services from the consultation, to due diligence, fact-finding, procedural motions, pre-trial discovery, and trial and to the appeals courts if required.

Litigation Practice Area

Litigation attorney Hassan A. Abbas works out of Chicago but has international offices in Beirut, Lebanon and Antwerp, Belgium. The litigation attorney welcomes anyone with an international litigation need to contact his office.

Attorney Hassan A. Abbas was licensed to practice law in Illinois in 1991, and remains in good standing. With over 25 years of experience, Attorney Hassan A. Abbas understands how to protect his client’s interests in all types of cases.

Litigation matters include criminal cases, business litigation, immigration matters, international litigation, and domestic and international family law issues. To best serve a global client base, Attorney Hassan A. Abbas offers legal services in Arabic, English, French, and Italian.

How a Litigation Attorney Can Help

A litigation attorney understands federal, state, and international laws pertaining to individuals and businesses. When you have a dispute and cannot reach resolution, or you are working on a business matter that needs legal guidance, it’s critical to have an attorney who can counsel you.

When working with an attorney on any matter, trust and good communication are key. Attorney Hassan A. Abbas offers multilingual legal services to best help clients with international needs. Additionally, the litigation attorney always places the client’s interests first and keeps the client informed with the progress of the case. If you seek a lawyer who communicates regularly, explains in plain language rather than legal jargon, and protects your interests, hire Attorney Hassan A. Abbas.

The attorney has a track record of obtaining favorable results for clients, and is determined to keep fighting until all options have been explored. Whether it’s reaching a settlement, filing for appeal, or aggressively litigating your legal matter, Attorney Hassan A. Abbas provides thorough, diligent and detail-oriented legal service.

Contact a Litigation Attorney

Do you have a litigation need in the greater Chicago area, or anywhere else in the world? If so, please call attorney Hassan A. Abbas to discuss your situation and learn how the attorney can help.